News is shown to us on the television. This platform shares benefits with online news that typical newspapers cannot offer. For instance when actually watching interviews and a presenter reveal to you a such a moving story such as the Madeleine McCann case.

This television broadcast in particular reflects back on when Madeleine first went missing. The language used is very structured and formal it is iconographic of a news broadcast on the television. Particual signs such as a presented stood filmed at a medium shot reveals to the audience that the programme is real as it is of the norm for television news programmes to be shot like this. Similarly the voice over technique has the same impact.

the news in this platform often relates to other stories to give the audience hope that she is still alive, This link shows that they mother and father of Madeleine have not given up hope because of a similar case in which the victem eventually escaped.

The treatment of this flashback news piece is heavily effective and moving for the audience, it uses a range of content such as pics, interviews, flashbacks, change of location and typical studio shots of the presenter to create this and portray the story and life that the McCanns now have to live.


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