Neonn videos article

Neonn Videos is a new Video Production company looking to do great things in the City.

Started by two Hull graduates, Ben Underwood and Jack Waller have got off to a great start in the run up to the City of Culture 2017.

Neonn Videos, originally named Neon Avenue started in May 2013. Ben said “Myself and Jack have always worked really well with each other in university; it was just a shame that they never sat directly next to each other in the first place.”

His passion for film began when he was just 14 years old, producing a short comedy film back in the days when he used Windows Movie Maker. “I really enjoy making people laugh through video. It’s sort of emotional because it’s your work and people’s reactions make you really proud that you created that particular video.”

But the desire to make films didn’t quite happen as simple as that for graduate Jack. “Initially I got a job to pay the bills but my dad always wanted to be a mechanic, it was his dream for me.” Jack decided to join the army as his means to make a living for himself.

“I always look back to when someone made a video of me and other individuals in the army for our regiments, I remember thinking, I don’t want to do this, I want to do what that guy does!”

Jack then left the army in pursuit of his new dream of creating videos. “I never did too well at Wyke College when I studied film and media studies.” But after attending university at The Hull School of Art and Design I did much better. He continued to study media, where he met his new co-worker Ben.

Ben also mentioned that he didn’t do too well at college but they both worked together whilst in higher education and created the Neonn Video brand. The idea to develop the business whilst in university worked much quicker than they ever imagined.

Having no training in business but expertise in video production they both agreed they needed help planning. Jack said “We used Net 315 a business start-up company to help us with things like finances and for a lot of useful hints and tips on how to run a successful business.”

Currently they are working for local businesses such as Fellowes Packaging and Ideal Heating. Ben said “We love to work and focus on clients and people from Hull as we feel like we have a huge connection with our home town.”

“Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of work for people in the media industry here and we felt like we had to create our own opportunity to fulfil our dreams. The idea of creating opportunities through our company for others is great.”

As Hull won the award for The City of Culture, 2017, the two graduates are producing content to promote the city. “We think it’s great that Hull won The City of Culture and I hope it creates a lot more jobs and video opportunities for people like us.” said Jack.



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