My idea is to create a one minute video consisting of three characters.

Chloe plays the protagonist in which she wants to commit an evil deed. however, Carley, is an innocent child whom Chloe attacks. Christian plays the role of a policeman who is watching them.

Throughout the video several puns are used. such as.

‘You’ve been assalted’ ‘Your under a vest.’



Shot variation

Here are some images taken from the website – ( They explore a range of different camera angles that can be used via a camera or camrecorder. My one minute narrative story contains three characters. The antagonist (Chloe), Victem (Carley) and my protagonist (Christian)

Chloe – When filming Chloe i always made sure that the shots were fairly close such as, close-ups and high angled shots to convey a sense of dominance.

Carley – When filming Carley i filmed from far away to express the dominance that Chloe portayed. I also filmed over the shoulder shots which showed the viewer exactley what was happening from Carley’s point of view.

Christian – When filming Christian i used high angle shots to show dominanshotsize (1)

Three minute video problems

When ripping my video onto the computer the video would not play. Consequently my video has always been in ‘quicktime’ format decreasing my videos quality.

When using premiere pro, the sound did not work and i was unable to add additonal content to my edited video, Prior to this i could not make my video 5mb because the programme kept on closing down everytime i tried. Therefore. my video is soundless.