Plan for portfolio

For this professional practice module I am going to create a website that acts as a showcase of my work, It will display my work which I think is fit to display to potential employers.

The work I would like to include is the following –

1.)    My photography work

2.)    My video work

3.)    Journalism articles

4.)    Work for any clients

5.)    Social media side of me

6.)    Any relevant links to websites I am involved in

As well as a website I would like to produce an offline portfolio so that when I have interviews I have a back-up of work in case their internet doesn’t work or there is a problem with the website I am currently using. I think that this shows that I am self-resourceful and think of all possible outcomes as a journalist should.

I will document this process as I go along detailing how I am going to promote myself as a journalist and why it will work.

Prior to this, this document will also be a host to the Journalism and Digital media 2014 Degree Show. It will include details of what role I have played in the creating of The Degree Show and how I will display my work on the night.

The night of the degree show is June 6th 2014.