Social media website (Facebook)

The social media website ‘Facebook’ uses user generated content as its primary function. Obviousley, people have a right to freedom of speech and therefore if people want to upload their own news, thoughts and feelings via post, images, groups or pages they are more than welcome to, regarding it doesn’t breach Facebooks social media policy.

There are many groups relating to the Madeleine McCann case, However, on in particular stood out at me. A journalist called ‘Pat Brown’ who is passionate and determined to find Madeleine McCann has created a group on Facebook. He updates it regularly gaining his information from the news in general and using his own personal theories and feelings incorporating it all into his posts. When a girl was spotted allegedly supposed to be Madeleine he travelled to South India in search of her.

The structure of the posts are not chosen and are all in the same style as any other group on Facebook. However, Brown uses other content other than his writings such as video, pictures and links and therefore a huge advantage of the group would be that its online, the digital age has huge advantages for the news world.

The language used is actually very formal. I believe that this man maybe has a strong interest in writing, However, not just his posts are on the group wall. Other users and more specifically Facebook users of that groups are published on there too. Which is a problem with online media if the content from third parties are not monitered properly. comments such as this appear ‘Madeleine would have expected her parents to search for her! But they let her down…’ which can be very offensive to some people.

The treatment of the Madeleine case in this platform is extremely in depth and posts are made regularly. People can use this group as a new source specifically aimed at people interested in this case.


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