In the first stages of creating an idea for this major project I knew I wanted to create something for a niche market. The reason being is because the smaller the market the less likely that the idea has already been done. I immediately thought that student journalists like myself would be a great niche market as it can be difficult to get your foot in the door.


The idea of creating a website I thought was a great idea as journalism is becoming more online and therefore more interactive. After pitching the idea to my tutors they to thought it was a good idea and they was a conversation about it possibly being used as a central hub for the students on my course.


As I have researched other news websites I had a clear mind on how the website should function and how it should look to denote a news website. I am very happy with the overall style of my website and the fact that through researching drags and drop website hosts I managed to find one that cost me £10 for the whole year.


Speaking of functionality I thought about my user feedback which Christopher Kelly mentioned to be about the confusion between the menus and I have now rectified this problem. I now see the confusion that having a button for two different navigational purposes could have had on users of my website. I am now fully happy with the functions of my website.


I think that the website as a whole looks good as an imitation news website. I think that it has a student feel to it also. The pages which host the articles are mimics of actual news outlets article layouts. Therefore I know that the design works as it is tried and tested on main stream news outlets daily.


Unfortunately, although I tried to receive articles from other places of education my attempts failed.  After sending numerous emails and speaking in person to media and English teachers no one emailed me with their articles despite promises from the tutors. However, at the time when I was emailing the tutors I could not provide them with what my website looks like as it was not finished. Next time, I will make sure that the website is finished before asking people to contribute. I believe that it was a bad move on my behalf not to have it finished sooner. I also think I would have had a lot more articles that what I have now if I had have finished the website earlier than what I did.


However, my website still has a very large collection of articles from the students on my course in all three years that I am very pleased about. I am very happy that nearly all the students wanted to contribute to my website as they liked me idea in general.


One of my services that I offered was to amend articles if they was offensive or needed editing for spelling or grammar. However, I have not had to do this yet as I expected because the articles where given to me by other student journalist who should have a good knowledge of grammar and spelling.


If I was to go over the entire process again there are certain aspects that I would do again, given more time. The section on the front page which is about journalistic apps I would ask the owners if I could include links within my websites and possibly ask students to review the apps themselves so other students have more than just my word that they were useful.


I would take the photographs myself rather than using some royalty free ones courtesy of GoDaddy.


All in all, given the time frame I was given I think to produce a fully functioning website with documentation I think my website is good in general. But, I also think that if more time was given I would have been able to publicise my website more than what I have done. I managed to post it up on the social media websites Facebook and Twitter.




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