1.) front page – Firework makers daughter review (main) national holidays short. news articles

2.) Firework makers daughter (in full)

3.) Theatre

4.)  the deep

5.) Museums

6.) Museums

7.) Ferens

8.) Hull Afc

9.) Hull Fc

10.) Hull kr

11.) p&o

12.) national holidays

13.) one gallery

14.) politics

15.) Hull and plans

16.) Hsad

17.) Leeds trinity

18.) Journo week

19.) Calender

20.) Hepworth arcade and whitefriargate


general stuff in Hull


Smart objectives

Strategic – I am going to create a newspaper consisting of 20 pages. Based on Hull for tourists and students.

Measurable – As a measurement, i will produce a Gantt chart so that i will track my progress throughout. It will include pre-production, post and the final product. This will be evident via links and screen shots on my blog.

I know that this project is achievable as i live in Hull, therefore content about Hull will be fairly easy to get. Secondly, after getting the initial content i will be working alone.

Agreed – It is possible as about 60% of information that can go in my newspaper i already have obtained from previous journalism pieces.

Realistic –  The Ipaper is around 30 pages long. Therefore i think a realistic measurement would be that i create around 20 pages and have 10 dummy pages.

Timed – The project completion date is the 10th of may 2013, therefore i have created a gantt chart to make sure all the work is completed and handed in in time.

Change of plan – Self initiated project

Unfortunately, some shops in the Hepworth arcade did not want to participate. Others, bosses were too busy, meetings etc. Lastly, some people’s shifts clashed with my lectures, therefore my plan is not moving quick enough to meet my deadline for work.

Although this plan was feasible over a longer period of time,  i have learnt that not all clients are reliable.

Therefore, i have decided to completely change my idea and create a project based on a newspaper design lecture. My new project will now rely on myself and my journalistic skills.

My new plan consists of creating my own newspaper using Indesign. (Adobe software) I am going to create a newspaper styled magazine which has a similar features to the I paper, only, based in Hull.

I think that this is a good idea especially from the point of view of advertising and exploring new genres of writing for myself.

I would like my newspaper to be around 30 pages. As a goal i want to achieve 20 pages, any more pages created would also be good. But, ideally having 10 dummy design pages.

Indesign workshop

Today our tutor showed us some tips on how to create a front page of a newspaper using in-design.

Here are my screen shots.

Hepworth Arcade interviews

Today i visited The Hepworth Arcade which is located at the end of the Whitefriargate shopping area. I went into every shop to see if the owners were interested in being filmed speaking about their store and being located there. The Aim of my video is to promote The Hepworth Arcade. After collecting many contacts for every store i called around everyone. Unfortunately, the clients i needed to speak to where not available at this time. However, one client Julie, who owns Roisin Dubh, a vintage a shabby chic furniture store, has agreed on a short interview to be scheduled at 12pm on Thursday 14th March 2013. Thanks very much.