workplace assignment – fruit stall

Fruit stall

Having worked in Trinity street fruit market for several years James, 41, tells us of
his services and his passion for the fruit market lifestyle.

James has now been a dedicated wholesaler for many years it is not only his job but
his whole entire life.

A family tradition and personal acheivement“I was never particularly interested in working on a
fruit stall. I always wanted to become a professional footballer but, I now
see that my life had other plans for me and im at one with the line of work I carry
out. I feel like I make my ancesters happy.”

Thinking about his family business, James mentioned that he would now like to branch out
further towards other towns and cities.he wanted several of his fruit stalls in
places such as Leeds and Manchester. However, his roots to Hull are to strong
to ever want to leave. “Hull is where it started and Hull is where it should
probably stay.”

His wife Janet, recently started a career up in whole sailing. She works closely to him as a butcher in
the same market place which could lead to a bigger chain of whole sailing for the family business.  James stated that
if the family business does develop he possibly would like to sell all sorts of
foods and not just fruit.

James clearly is a man with ambition. Having a successful business passed down through generation from his great auntie Audrey,
he intends to keep it a family custom.

His youngest son Daniel is also heavily interested in traditional fruit marketing, more so than what James was when he was a young boy. Daniel says that he would like to proceed to having his own
market stall one day, just like his parents and the rest of his family.



Script for sound –

Opening Jingle (7  -15 seconds)

Presenter – Hello and welcome to documentary hour,  were today we will be discussing the feel good music taste of ‘Scally recordings’.

Scally recordings began in 1991 in Hull. She recruited bands by the dozen and was a huge hit. Local clubs around Hull loved the bands that she signed such as –Purple Genius, Primary Field , Haunted Sun and of course Needless Rain

Unfortunately Scally recordings is no longer around, but, I’m sure there are many of you out there that would like to reminisce with us on our weekly documentary hour.

Today we will be talking to Scarlet, owner and founder of scally recordings to see what went wrong, or what went right.

Good morning Scarlet, how are you?

Scarlet – Hey Jade, I’m very well thank you, yourself?

Presenter – I’m excellent, but very curious as to find out what happened with the record company. Tell us a little bit about it.

Scarlet – Well everything was going so well until Purple Genius found another record company who simply offered to pay them more. Since this happened the other bands just slowly deteriorated I guess. Neither the less I still had an excellent time with this band and of course many others, I hear that you have some of the bands appearing on the show this morning.

Presenter – Indeed I do, today on documentary hour we are being joined by the likes of – Primary Field and purple genius. Ahhh, here they are now.

Welcome to the show guys!

(Bands say hey all together)

Presenter – have a seat, have a seat. So guys how are you? Tell us a little about yourselves.

Purple genius – Hey Jade, well were Purple Genius, there’s myself, Craig who is the lead singer and guitarist, Jack who plays drums and Dean who is our Bassist.  Basically, we used to be signed up to Scally recordings, but don’t get me wrong Scarlet was excellent at setting up gigs and getting our name out there but, we have always been a band that wanted to grow out of Hull, make ourselves even bigger and this is what we are currently working on. As it stands we are currently signed up to a record company called Dough records. We are in the middle of a UK tour and then shortly after that America. The tickets have almost sold out so we’re very excited about that.

Presenter – That’s excellent guys, and what about your band Primary Field?

Primary Field – Well basically ever since Purple Genius left there wasn’t enough bands going on the record label to perform our weekly tribute gigs and consequently the bands just sort of fell off the radar. I mean myself and Sally still get occasional fan mail and perform at open Mic nights down Newland Avenue and Spring bank, but its hard with only a two man band I play the acoustic guitar and sing and Sally just plays acoustic and the flute,  but that’s really about it.

Presenter – Wow! That’s still good though that you’re getting yourselves out there and wanting to be heard though right?

Primary Field – oh yeah definitely, I couldn’t agree more. I mean unlike Purple Rain we never wanted anything big we just wanted to share out skills with people that were interested… Let the fans come to us so to speak.

Presenter – Well, well done. I mean if I had the attitude of giving up I certainly wouldn’t be a top radio presenter now would I?

Anyway, enough about me. Scarlet, tell us more about the record company and your experience with these bands.

Scarlet – okay so my record company began in Hull in 1991, ive never really ventured out of Hull before with my artists apart from once.  The band Needless Rain had a gig at The Manchester Apollo, it was huge sold around 2,000 tickets.

Anyway way, yeah, so my record label recruited i would say 30-40 bands. The most famous bands would have been Purple Genius, Primary Field , Haunted Sun and not forgetting Needless Rain. Primarily the bands would play at general open mic nights down newland avenue, princes avenue and in Hulls city centre. Although they mainly played in local clubs such as The Adelphi, Lamp and Welly.

Back in the 90’s the record label was fairly small until about 1997 or 1998 i think. It all started when Purple Genious decided that they wanted to make a move and i guess an impression on the world and called up a club called labyrinth just at the back of the town. There first big break. I mean dont get me wrong its great but the record company just went downhill from there as we all ready said.  Officially the record company stopped entirely in 2007 i believe.

Purple Genious – I believe it was early 2008, i think.

Presenter – Well Scarlet, i guess it’s a great achievement on your behalf especially to have such great and huge successful bands that started off from your record label.

Scarlet – Oh yes indeed. It has been great, to see some of the bands again, As well as getting to talk about something that may have gone, But has been a large part of my life.

I hope that music in Hull will blossom again, with so many talented musicians in the area.

Presenter – Right then guys, i believe that’s all we have time for from Scarlet and the bands, stay tuned though guys because next up is Rihanna. Your listening to documentary hour.  once an hour every week.

Opening Jingle repeated (7  -15 seconds)

Initial ideas

Evaluation of documentary

Evaluation of five minute sound documentary.

Before we started our five minute documentary we decided to sit down and plan some ideas. These ideas can be seen on the photograph. After all of our planning that we created we decided to go with the idea of a music documentary primarily about a record company.

The plan was to call a friend of mine who dj’s. The friend also knows a person called Dave Pork who owned porkie recordings. The plan was to have an unstructured interview with porkie and a few of the bands who were on the record label.

Unfortunately, the plan didn’t work out as Porkie was unable to give us an interview at the times we were. Therefore we decided to run with the same initial idea but play make believe instead.

If we were to do this again I imagine we would spend more time on attempting to gain the interview and possibly try to have more of an open schedule.

In light of this we had four initial roles within our documentary. The presenter who was played by me, Jade, Scarlet who owns Scally recordings played by Scarlet and the two bands Primary Fields and Purple Genius. These two parts were played by mine and Scarlet’s friend Daniel.

As a whole the parts that were acted sounded good together. However, to make this better myself and Scarlet could have sounded more natural and a bit more casual, as though the interview was unstructured as the interview sounds heavily structured. Which of course interviews generally are not.

To edit the piece together to make the documentary we used a programme called ‘Cubase’. Cubase was very easy to use and made the project sound fun yet professional. In my opinion it was the best piece of sound editing software we could have possibly used for the project.

All in all I feel like the sound project went really well. I have barely any criticisms. My favourite aspects of the project would be the opening jingle as it makes the piece come to life and sounds very professional and realistic. However, I also enjoyed creating the script as it all seemed to nicely fall together as though the conversation was happening. Unfortunately, as I have already stated the piece sounded to structured but I don’t feel like that puts the piece down in any way.