Feedback/User Testing

Christopher Kelly – after visiting the website, I thought that the website would be more user friendly if the subheadings in the menu didn’t display all the subcategories. This is because it diverts your attention from the fact you can click one and it takes you to a page that has all the articles on it.

If Jade did not tell me that you could click the sub heading itself I don’t think I would have clicked on them at all.


I also pointed out that the heading ‘Contact Us’ was to broad, I suggest changing it to submit your article as it is more direct.


Christopher Valentine – Presentation
The colour scheme for your website is great. The red white and black come together to create a vibrant contrast and all the writing stands out really well. The decision to go with a lead story and three supporting stories on the home page was a great idea, and as a result the site looks clean and easy to navigate.

The articles that have been curated and presented as of this moment are really good. They give a clear indication about both Hull as a city and pop culture in general at the moment. When all the drop down menus at the top of the site are full of news items the site will look busy. This is a good thing as long as the newest content is always well managed.

I really like this website. While the title of it may be slightly cheesy, it works…well. Like really well. I can see it going far if a strong level of dedication to it is maintained.


Stevie Rial- Hi Jade website looks good, like the title for the site, one comment regarding colours clashing is on the headers menu where the black text doesn’t seem clear on the red background, layout of site is good, top website overall.

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