Ok! magazine article.

Recently me and my tutor have sold an article about my friend Zoe Johnson. Here is the raw material that i discovered.

Zoe Laure Johnson, Hull, admitted herself to A and E after suffering from what she calls “Chronic stomach pains.”

The pains started on Monday 4th March in the morning, I thought they were period pains, it was a mild dull ache.  I got over it and went on with my life like any normal woman would.  Me and my partner Matt decided to go to Beverly for the day so I could do some shopping and he could go to work.  Throughout the day the pains grew worse and worse and I was in agony, I couldn’t handle it.  I went to Matt’s work and told him all about it. His manager let him leave work at six instead of 10, thank God!

We raced to the train station to catch the next Train and then jumped on a bus to get us into Hull City Centre, then straight to A and E at the Hull Royal hospital; I got there at about quarter to 8.

The pains were getting stronger and I didn’t know what to do, surely this can’t be period pains, I’ve never felt anything like this before in my life. I sat and waited patiently for the doctor to see me, I just wanted this pain to go away.  Matt was very concerned and there for me the whole time, I’m so lucky he is so supportive.  A whole hour went by and the doctor finally called my name, they took my blood and asked me to go take a seat in the waiting room. The whole time I was just panicking, what could this be, why take my blood? Half an hour went by and they called me back into the room for a urine test. More like a pregnancy test.

I was pregnant! 36 weeks and I never even knew, not a clue. I still wear a size 6-8 and that’s never changed.  They performed an ultra sound on me there and then to show me the baby and find a heartbeat. I was in early stages of labour and that’s when they rushed me to the Women and children ward in a wheel chair, I was so shocked and frightened. I only went in for them to help me with my pain, not to give birth!  My waters eventually broke when they were transferring me to the labour ward, I barley felt it.

When I was giving birth I was just in pain and still obviously scared and in a state of shock. Wondering why I was in Beverley shopping one minute and giving birth the next.  You hear about these stories when the same situation happens to another person and either the mother dies or the child, I was praying that it wasn’t going to be me in that situation.  11 hours later and I gave birth at 10 am, Tuesday 5th march, a baby boy, weighing 6 pound and very healthy.

Me and my partner Matt named him Aaron Edward Beer as Matt’s full name is Matthew Edward Beer. We was both still in a state of shock, going from believed period pains to holding your own baby in your arms is amazing, a miracle. I haven’t had a period in 2 years because of the Pill I am taking so how was I to know I was pregnant if there were no signs.

When I was in established labour I made two phone calls, one to my mum and one to his. I said I’ve just found out I’m in labour, as you can imagine they was both as shocked as the next. They both came rushing to my ward whilst I was giving birth.

The first thing I thought of was oh my god I have a child and the second what do I do about stuff for me and the baby. That’s when Matt’s mum went out to the shop and bought my son Aaron clothes and essentials, and my bag for the hospital. we was all set and so happy.

Right now, me and Matt are so pleased and relieved. We’re still in shock but still, very happy. We’re used to the idea of being parents now. We’re doing a great job.  Me and Matt have spoken about having kids before, but we always thought of the dream life. Both working, stable income and home. I know during my pregnancy I went out to the pub occasionally with friends and unfortunately I smoke, but I would have never have smoked or had a drink if I had of known I was pregnant. Nonetheless where all happy together and healthy and we wouldn’t change anything for the world.


Diamond dealer second edit

A diamond dealer was kidnapped, his family held hostage in a daring robbery.


It was Sunday night and Peter and his family where having a night in when it ll happened.


Two armed men broke into his home and captured Peter Brandt yesterday.  “They was waving their guns round in the air” The men blindfolded Mr. Brandt and took him away from his family. His wife Melissa and two children where left with the third man.


Peter was taken to a countryside farmhouse where he remained blindfolded and left handcuffed to a chair all night. Mr. Brandt says, “ I couldn’t sleep, I worried about my wife and children.”


Peter also said that “They has intent on robbing me, they saw an opportunity.” The gangs are believed to have been targeting half a million diamonds belonging to the family business, that where due to be delivered from Holland.


The police arrested two of the men on Orchard road, during the arrest one of the men shot himself in the buttock, resulting in him being taken to the hospital and being watched under police guard.  A third man was then arrested at Mr. Brandt’s home where his wife Melissa, 54 and his two children Sonja, 14 and son Steven, 16 where being held hostage.




Diamond dealer article. first attempt

Yesterday morning the Humberside Police where called out to an armed incident in which two arrests where made on Orchard Road, Hull.


Mr. Brandt, 55, a diamond dealer was captured by three men,  “They rushed into our home waving guns around” two of which took him to a near farmhouse. Mr. Brandt told us that he was blindfolded and handcuffed to a chair all night.  “I couldn’t sleep I was to worries about my wife and children.”


There has been no description of the men so far until the court hearing, Mr. Brandt says all he remembers is sounds such as voices.


Two of the men where found by the police, surrounding a dark Mercedes on Orchard road, they where then arrested and taken to the police station.  Police think that the car was the same one used to transport Mr. Brandt to the farmhouse previously.


Police said, “It was a well organised robbery involving half a million diamonds, they were clearly prepared to use violence as they had three handguns and one shot gun.”


One of the men has been admitted to hospital after shooting himself in the buttock, he remains in a stable condition.  The press office says” He remains under police guard and will be held in prison until the court hearing.”


Detective Inspector David Smith says “Police officers acting on intelligence provided by colleagues at Interpol in Amsterdam detained two men on suspicion of conspiracy to rob and possession of firearms after they were stopped u a car in Orchard road.”


Further inquiries led us to Mr. Brand’s home in West Hull where his family, wife Melissa and his two young children, Steve, 16 and Sonya, 14 were being held hostage. A third man was then arrested in their home.  The family were taken to The Hull Royal Infirmary where they were checked by medical staff. They are all healthy and unharmed.


Mr. Brandt says, “They obviously had intent of robbing me, they saw an opportunity. But, the most important thing is that my family are safe.”


Photograph caption 150 words


Coronation street spoiler.

On Wednesday, the set of Coronation Street was a dull one as the filming for TV stars Jimmi Harkishin and his son Aadi, played by Zennon Ditchett attends a funeral.  The funeral was held in memory of Sunita, played by actress Shobna Gulati, who plays the role of Dev’s wife.

Dev and Aadi Alahan attend the funeral wearing white, denoting their Hindu tradition as they walk onto set holding each others hand.

Photograph captions 150 words

Micheal Philpot case


From bottom left: Jack 7, Jessie 6, Jayden 5, Jade 10.

From top left: John 9, Duwayne 13 and father Michael.

This is the first picture of dad Michael Philpot with the young children he is alleged to have killed.

Accused Michael Philpot,  looks happy and relaxed with six out of the 17 of his children.

All the children have died as a result of a huge fire. Which took place in their semi-detached home in Derby. It is not yet known if the blaze was  an accident or if it was started with intent of murder. But five of the pictured children died in the house while Duwayne, 13, top right died later in hospital.

Writing for Purpose

Today we looked at Stories in Trashy magazines as opposed to Upmarket magazines and compared them with Grace Macaskill.

trashy magazines


shock factor







celebrity culture


Upmarket magazines

opinion pieces (such as blogs etc)



Credible sources





Celebrity culture


They both look at trends, for instance, Katie Price, the sun would show an article on her in a trashy manner. Where as The Guardian would portray this in a more upmarket way but with the same treatment, content etc.

Pub transcript turned into news article style


A Chef who has lost 15 stone in 3 years has been refused an operation to removed excess skin.


Chef Gregg Wrigley, from Bolton has lost 15 stone in 3 years, Originally 27 stone he now weighs 12. After loosing all of the additional weigh Gregg requests an operation to remove the excess skin. However, Bolton NHS says,  “The operation is not available in Bolton.”


The Bolton health service offers gastric bands to those seeking to loose weight. To fit a gastric band it costs the health service seven thousand pounds. Gregg said, “If I’d have had a band it would have cost them a fortune.”