Journalism through an online medium.

23rd January 2012

I have to create a website for a specific audience. Using a piece of news as the topic. Here are my first ideas –

– Marilyn Monroe



30th January 2012

To produce a website desplaying my chosen news topic i will need to find a suitable web builder. Here are some i have explored –

– – Already used this web builder so i am going to find a different one so i can work and gain knowledge of other web designing platforms.

– – Has Multi media features, a range of different design templates so your website has a genre related feel to it. Featured, blog, shop and other design templates. The web builder uses a drag and drop system and is mobile phone compatable. – Webs seems very technical and more for buisness purposes such as online retail. Webs also uses a drag and drop system with templates heavily related to online shopping such as – Gaming, Ecommerce, Blogs, Written and glossy stylings. Yola described itself as fast, flexible, easy and powerful. Again, drag and drop system. Specifically looking at templates i feel this site is not for me. The layouts look very simplistic and straight with everything alligned in the middle. Multi media features. Again, a drag and drop system. The web builder uses a variety of layouts, including field specific ones such as an iconic news website layout.

After researching five free online web builders i have decided that Moonfruit would be best suited to the line of c0ntent i am going to produce. Prior to this i have also decided that Alfred Hitchcock would be a good topic choice also. Possibly use a timeline on the web when created? Proposal presentation due 12.2.12

6th February 2012

Traditional research needed, libary for books related to my chosen topic of Marilyn Monroe.  Borrowed books –

– Movie icons – Marilyn Monroe, Author – Taschen, Printed in Italy 2006, ISBN – 13:978-3-8228-2117-6

– Live Wire Real Lives: Marilyn Monroe, Author-Hodder & Stoughton,Printed in London 1996, ISBN – 0340 679867

– The coplate Marilyn Monroe, Author – Adam Victor, Printed in Spain 1999, Published in England, ISBN – 0-500-01978-9

Today i also created my Moonfruit website –

I also created a Prezi account and wrote all my notes on research on the site, therefore i can present a proposal on the 12.2.12.

Notes on Prezi

– I found it very easy to use, drag and drop.

– Looks sophisticated.

– Can upload all kinds of content such as video, pictures, links…

– Uses travel paths to direct your presentation slide by slide.

12th February 2012

Prezi – I looked at the way in which Prezi works. Such as the tools you can use – Travel paths and downloadable content.

(Proposal presentation tomorow 03.02.12)

13th February 2012

Personas need to be done.

Research other websites to help form interview questions to target audiences.

– Help with design.

-Functions of website

-Layout informations – What goes on what page?

Primary and secondary colour palets – Black, white, peach. – Grainy maybe?

Today, i also created a mood board – What i want people to feel when they visit my website.

I also researched other websites to show to my interviewees –


27th February 2012

Proposal presentations were presented today. – Try make the Prezi longer next time.

5th March 2012

Today i used google images as a source of information. I selected only black and white images to reveal a sense of fame throughout the years. ( These images are on every page of my website.) I also uses images from her teen years and onwards to emphasize this and give the users a sense of closeness to Monroe.

12th March 2012

Today i thought about my web layout. I decided to go with a scrapbook diary style to give a personal approach of Marilyns life and influences.

However, i decided that the filmography page should be more formal and layed out neatly.

19th March 2012

Initial ideas and why –

Typefaces – i used only two typefaces for particular reasons.

-200 proof – I used this type as it reminds me of a type writer, showing a personal yet professional and believable edge to the writing.

-Handsome bold – I used this type primarily for quotations as the font looks like swirly hand writing.

Colour scheme – I have decided on using the following colours –

Peach – for the background as its a light and understated colour.

Black and white – Stereotypical but matches font and old movie style.

Red – I used slight red influences due to Marilyns iconic lip colour.

26th March 2012

Today i found useful quotes made by Marilyn Monroe and created the writing for the first and third pages using the books i previousley mentioned.

2nd April 2012

Today i continued to created the writing for pages two and four using some sources previousley mentioned. I then uploaded all the work from today and the 26th onto the website.

Prior to this i also reseached some of Monroes films and used Youtube to upload them to my website for interactivity.

9th April 2012

Today i edited my website, ensuring that a house style run throughout and that their was enough interactivity for my users.

My Website currently includes –


– Youtube videos