Evaluation of documentary

Evaluation of five minute sound documentary.

Before we started our five minute documentary we decided to sit down and plan some ideas. These ideas can be seen on the photograph. After all of our planning that we created we decided to go with the idea of a music documentary primarily about a record company.

The plan was to call a friend of mine who dj’s. The friend also knows a person called Dave Pork who owned porkie recordings. The plan was to have an unstructured interview with porkie and a few of the bands who were on the record label.

Unfortunately, the plan didn’t work out as Porkie was unable to give us an interview at the times we were. Therefore we decided to run with the same initial idea but play make believe instead.

If we were to do this again I imagine we would spend more time on attempting to gain the interview and possibly try to have more of an open schedule.

In light of this we had four initial roles within our documentary. The presenter who was played by me, Jade, Scarlet who owns Scally recordings played by Scarlet and the two bands Primary Fields and Purple Genius. These two parts were played by mine and Scarlet’s friend Daniel.

As a whole the parts that were acted sounded good together. However, to make this better myself and Scarlet could have sounded more natural and a bit more casual, as though the interview was unstructured as the interview sounds heavily structured. Which of course interviews generally are not.

To edit the piece together to make the documentary we used a programme called ‘Cubase’. Cubase was very easy to use and made the project sound fun yet professional. In my opinion it was the best piece of sound editing software we could have possibly used for the project.

All in all I feel like the sound project went really well. I have barely any criticisms. My favourite aspects of the project would be the opening jingle as it makes the piece come to life and sounds very professional and realistic. However, I also enjoyed creating the script as it all seemed to nicely fall together as though the conversation was happening. Unfortunately, as I have already stated the piece sounded to structured but I don’t feel like that puts the piece down in any way.


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