Joey Aitchison article


Joey Aitchison owner of JWA creations is a local photographer of Hull, specialising in band and glamour photography.


From a young age, Joey found his passion for photography through the medium of cherished copies of David Bailey and David La Chappelle photographical works from a beloved Uncle.


”When I was younger, my uncle gave me a book of David Bailey’s greatest works, the fascination started from there really.”


 At this time, Joey acquired disposable cameras and tried his artistic hand at capturing some of his own evocative images. While having limited access to transportation, he utilized his immediate surroundings of Hull which tended to be popular attractions such as the Humber Bridge and the Humber Marina.


Purchasing his treasured Canon 7D camera he began focusing on specific fields of photography. From the architectural works, he progressed on to creative accentuations of the subtle beauty within the female form. Employing the assistance of a close friend, Joey explored the crucial points of his budding style in glamorous photo shoots, which can be viewed via Flickr. His close friend, Chloe Hill, commented on his professional prowess as follows:


“I’ve modelled more than once for JWA and have loved it every time. With how professional yet laid back he can be at the same time, he’s made me more confident. I also hired him for my wedding and was over the moon with how the pictures turned out and the album he made me. I would highly recommended Joey’s skill from a model’s and a customer’s perspective. ” 


Joey was fascinated with the art of strategically placed items within a photo and found himself amidst the grips of an urge to discover his own dexterity within said industry.  He quickly gained a keen eye for lens based photography and pursued his interest and developed his skill through university.


 “I always found the way that things where strategically placed within photography amazing and it made me want to try myself.”


Personality wise, Joey appears to always be up for a challenge. Recently, local Hull bands have approached him to produce candid photos of their performances. The first band ‘The Colour Line’ wanted to hire him to produce promotional images. They wanted him to design album covers and concert posters.


Eventually Joey attended their live performances and documented them through photography, which kick started his line of band and music based photography.  Two other indigenous bands closely followed. ‘An Act of Treason’ and ‘The Shed Club’, his freelancing career is now progressing well.


Joey commented on his current strain of photography amidst Hull as follows:

“Part of living in Hull that I really like is the music scene; it has so much to offer in terms of night life and locations. I find O’Rileys and Fruit to be excellent places to produce band photography.” ‘


Plan for portfolio

For this professional practice module I am going to create a website that acts as a showcase of my work, It will display my work which I think is fit to display to potential employers.

The work I would like to include is the following –

1.)    My photography work

2.)    My video work

3.)    Journalism articles

4.)    Work for any clients

5.)    Social media side of me

6.)    Any relevant links to websites I am involved in

As well as a website I would like to produce an offline portfolio so that when I have interviews I have a back-up of work in case their internet doesn’t work or there is a problem with the website I am currently using. I think that this shows that I am self-resourceful and think of all possible outcomes as a journalist should.

I will document this process as I go along detailing how I am going to promote myself as a journalist and why it will work.

Prior to this, this document will also be a host to the Journalism and Digital media 2014 Degree Show. It will include details of what role I have played in the creating of The Degree Show and how I will display my work on the night.

The night of the degree show is June 6th 2014.


How I will collect the articles

As I am a student at the Hull School of Art and Design there are several journalism students that attend there. I have approached the first year, second year and third year students and asked them if they would like to submit any articles to the website.


The students were really on board with the idea of a website to show their professional work. They have all sent me numerous amounts of work to post onto the website which is brilliant. I can now go and show the website to other places of education with people’s actual work on the website.


Originally, I did plan to visit other places of education to approach aspiring journalists. However, I received an email from my tutor about st Marys College and Wyke College.  Some students from these two colleges have been invited to see what our journalism course is all about. So I thought this is a perfect opportunity and targets the journalism students.


On the two days that these students came in, I did. I helped them with the work they had been assigned and explained about my idea for a journalismnews sandwich poster website run by students. I gave the tutors of both groups my email address and they assured me that they would send me some work over to put onto my website.


Prior to seeking journalism students I have decided to make an email up so that people can directly email me their work. The email address has the same name as the website . There is now  a page on the website under the heading contact us.


A form then pops up giving you the option to send me an email or an attachment straight to


In terms of advertising I have created a poster and put it up around the college and town encouraging people to send me their articles or get in touch if they want to send me any work.

The Design

The heading of the website I have put in red intentionally.  I think that the different shades of red are very typical of the BBC and make my website look serious and professional.  The colour red seems to contrast really well with the white logo and the menu.


When someone looks at my news website they will notice that it is a news website straight away from the stylistic choices of the heading, as well as the website being called News-Sandwich, it couldn’t really be more obvious what the site is used for.


Every news website that I have researched has a menu and a search bar, so, I integrated this into my website.  I felt like it would make my website appear professional as it helps the users navigate around the website. When a website runs smoothly the user takes voyeuristic pleasure in using it. If a website doesn’t navigate smoothly, the chances of people returning to use your website are very limited. Therefore, I think this aspect of the website is extremely important.


Notice how the words in the menu are also white; I did this so it coincides with the title of the website.


Through researching news outlets, I noticed that The Hull Daily Mail and SKY News both have a larger segment dedicated to, what they think is the top news story. I like this idea because it shows the readers what it the top circulating news; through this your readers are more aware and knowledgeable about what the important news of the day is. Although, my news website doesn’t deal with breaking news as such at the moment, it could do in the future. So, the idea of presenting the biggest news story of my website larger than the rest is a great idea.


As you can see from the screen shot, I have made the image a lot larger in comparison to the other smaller news stories; this is to stress the importance of the story to the readers. I have also used a grey box to highlight the beginning of the story; I have done this to attempt to draw in the reader so that they engage with the stories on the front page of the website.


Underneath the top story I have placed three other stories on the front page. I have made the images and text smaller to the main story to emphasise that they have less significance than the top one but still are significant because they have made the front page.


I have also separated these news stories using a thin grey line; I chose grey because it matches the boxes that contain the writing on the front page.  The Telegraph also uses this technique on their news website.


The news story titles I have put in black. I have done this because it is the opposite of white and looks better on a white background. It also shows that the name of the website (In white) is important, almost as important as the content because that is the name of the brand.


To further separate the content on the front page, I have used a different colour grey to separate the news style content for lifestyle stuff such as cheap eats etc… This is located on the right side of the website under ‘Editors choice’; these are a collection of quirky articles by the students. A collection of the ones that are my personal favourites. I think this gives the website a bit of a student feel.


Another feature of the website is the ‘read on’ buttons that are located next to each article on the front cover. I have used a brighter red than the heading of the website. The reason behind this is stylistically the colour still fits in with the theme. But, the button is very noticeable to the reader and they can clearly see where they need to navigate to so they can read more of the article.





The red box on the left hand side of the website isn’t really used within news websites; usually they have a separate page to explain what they are all about. However, I feel the need to make what the website is all about abundantly clear on the front page, this way people fully understand what sort of website they have accessed.


Again, I have used a similar red to the heading so that the colours work well together with the style of my choice and also, I have used the lines again to break up the sections within the explanation of the website.


Located on the right hand side is a segment of the website entitles ‘Student Features’. This part of my website I am using for secondary sources. I am going to update it weekly with useful apps that people can download on their iphones or smart phones to help them make their journalism portfolio brilliant.  As well as apps I am also going to put links to media job websites and websites that help students save money.


I feel that this section will make the website have a further student feel and encourage students to look into their portfolio with seriousness.

News websites

Creating a website – Layout


To create a website that targets trainee journalism students, the main aim, I find, is to stick to a similar style of news websites. Therefore, I have looked at the styles of some popular news outlets websites.


Straight away you can tell that the style is very clean and fresh from the white background and the sheer minimisation of the content. Although there is a lot of content which is set out uncluttered on purpose. I believe that this is in aid of not confusing the reader and to in a sense tell them what to read.


The use of pictures and videos next to the article is very typical of news websites. It gives the reader a visual option as opposed to reading the article straight away. I think this is a very good idea for a website as it lets the reader choose what they want to read from the top news stories. Somebody could just visit the website to read a specific article and they would know which one it is just from the visual option.


Moving on to the heading of the website, you can see that the colour choice used is a variety of reds. This is also very typical of news based websites. It instantly makes the reader realise that they have come to the right website. Other features of the heading include the menu. The menu breaks up all the categories of news that the BBC cover. I think that this makes the function of the website extremely user friendly.  As well as the search bar. I believe these two items are key to include so that the users of the website can find what they want quick and easy.


As you can see, this website is incredibly similar to the BBC website and has the same functions. I think that I should carry on this news style theme with my website.


Sky News’ website differs a little from the BBC and The Hull Daily Mails, but, it still has exactly the same functionality. The colour scheme is just slightly braved and differing from the house style of news websites.


The Telegraph is much like the SKY News website in the sense that it is brave with it is colour scheme.  Barring this, it still functions the same as the other four news websites I have researched. Although the audiences slightly differ they all work the same way.
































workplace assignment – fruit stall

Fruit stall

Having worked in Trinity street fruit market for several years James, 41, tells us of
his services and his passion for the fruit market lifestyle.

James has now been a dedicated wholesaler for many years it is not only his job but
his whole entire life.

A family tradition and personal acheivement“I was never particularly interested in working on a
fruit stall. I always wanted to become a professional footballer but, I now
see that my life had other plans for me and im at one with the line of work I carry
out. I feel like I make my ancesters happy.”

Thinking about his family business, James mentioned that he would now like to branch out
further towards other towns and cities.he wanted several of his fruit stalls in
places such as Leeds and Manchester. However, his roots to Hull are to strong
to ever want to leave. “Hull is where it started and Hull is where it should
probably stay.”

His wife Janet, recently started a career up in whole sailing. She works closely to him as a butcher in
the same market place which could lead to a bigger chain of whole sailing for the family business.  James stated that
if the family business does develop he possibly would like to sell all sorts of
foods and not just fruit.

James clearly is a man with ambition. Having a successful business passed down through generation from his great auntie Audrey,
he intends to keep it a family custom.

His youngest son Daniel is also heavily interested in traditional fruit marketing, more so than what James was when he was a young boy. Daniel says that he would like to proceed to having his own
market stall one day, just like his parents and the rest of his family.