creative 1 night

Creative one night


At the beginning of every month Paul is the proud owner of a creative night. In which creative people come along and express ideas of what they want to do. If anyone has attended that wants to take up the opportunities that people present they can.


For instance, on one occasion a man called ‘Rob’ came to the January creative one meeting with an idea for a theatre performance. (I have filmed him). Members of the audiences, although wasn’t interested in investing gave Rob some useful hints and tips which they had picked up through working in the industry.


Having turned up to a few of the meetings, Paul had asked me if I would like to film one of the sessions for him. This video would be used as a promotional device for the creative one meetings.


Having agreed to create a promotional video for him, I turned up to the January event and commenced filming. I have raw footage and the video that I edited together I will include in my submission.


The video is a brief summary of what the nights are about and have a few speakers to explain what happens at the night for people who have not attended before. Including several journalists, Paul Dennis Graphic designer and a theatre script writer.



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