Joey Aitchison article


Joey Aitchison owner of JWA creations is a local photographer of Hull, specialising in band and glamour photography.


From a young age, Joey found his passion for photography through the medium of cherished copies of David Bailey and David La Chappelle photographical works from a beloved Uncle.


”When I was younger, my uncle gave me a book of David Bailey’s greatest works, the fascination started from there really.”


 At this time, Joey acquired disposable cameras and tried his artistic hand at capturing some of his own evocative images. While having limited access to transportation, he utilized his immediate surroundings of Hull which tended to be popular attractions such as the Humber Bridge and the Humber Marina.


Purchasing his treasured Canon 7D camera he began focusing on specific fields of photography. From the architectural works, he progressed on to creative accentuations of the subtle beauty within the female form. Employing the assistance of a close friend, Joey explored the crucial points of his budding style in glamorous photo shoots, which can be viewed via Flickr. His close friend, Chloe Hill, commented on his professional prowess as follows:


“I’ve modelled more than once for JWA and have loved it every time. With how professional yet laid back he can be at the same time, he’s made me more confident. I also hired him for my wedding and was over the moon with how the pictures turned out and the album he made me. I would highly recommended Joey’s skill from a model’s and a customer’s perspective. ” 


Joey was fascinated with the art of strategically placed items within a photo and found himself amidst the grips of an urge to discover his own dexterity within said industry.  He quickly gained a keen eye for lens based photography and pursued his interest and developed his skill through university.


 “I always found the way that things where strategically placed within photography amazing and it made me want to try myself.”


Personality wise, Joey appears to always be up for a challenge. Recently, local Hull bands have approached him to produce candid photos of their performances. The first band ‘The Colour Line’ wanted to hire him to produce promotional images. They wanted him to design album covers and concert posters.


Eventually Joey attended their live performances and documented them through photography, which kick started his line of band and music based photography.  Two other indigenous bands closely followed. ‘An Act of Treason’ and ‘The Shed Club’, his freelancing career is now progressing well.


Joey commented on his current strain of photography amidst Hull as follows:

“Part of living in Hull that I really like is the music scene; it has so much to offer in terms of night life and locations. I find O’Rileys and Fruit to be excellent places to produce band photography.” ‘


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