How I will collect the articles

As I am a student at the Hull School of Art and Design there are several journalism students that attend there. I have approached the first year, second year and third year students and asked them if they would like to submit any articles to the website.


The students were really on board with the idea of a website to show their professional work. They have all sent me numerous amounts of work to post onto the website which is brilliant. I can now go and show the website to other places of education with people’s actual work on the website.


Originally, I did plan to visit other places of education to approach aspiring journalists. However, I received an email from my tutor about st Marys College and Wyke College.  Some students from these two colleges have been invited to see what our journalism course is all about. So I thought this is a perfect opportunity and targets the journalism students.


On the two days that these students came in, I did. I helped them with the work they had been assigned and explained about my idea for a journalismnews sandwich poster website run by students. I gave the tutors of both groups my email address and they assured me that they would send me some work over to put onto my website.


Prior to seeking journalism students I have decided to make an email up so that people can directly email me their work. The email address has the same name as the website . There is now  a page on the website under the heading contact us.


A form then pops up giving you the option to send me an email or an attachment straight to


In terms of advertising I have created a poster and put it up around the college and town encouraging people to send me their articles or get in touch if they want to send me any work.


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