News websites

Creating a website – Layout


To create a website that targets trainee journalism students, the main aim, I find, is to stick to a similar style of news websites. Therefore, I have looked at the styles of some popular news outlets websites.


Straight away you can tell that the style is very clean and fresh from the white background and the sheer minimisation of the content. Although there is a lot of content which is set out uncluttered on purpose. I believe that this is in aid of not confusing the reader and to in a sense tell them what to read.


The use of pictures and videos next to the article is very typical of news websites. It gives the reader a visual option as opposed to reading the article straight away. I think this is a very good idea for a website as it lets the reader choose what they want to read from the top news stories. Somebody could just visit the website to read a specific article and they would know which one it is just from the visual option.


Moving on to the heading of the website, you can see that the colour choice used is a variety of reds. This is also very typical of news based websites. It instantly makes the reader realise that they have come to the right website. Other features of the heading include the menu. The menu breaks up all the categories of news that the BBC cover. I think that this makes the function of the website extremely user friendly.  As well as the search bar. I believe these two items are key to include so that the users of the website can find what they want quick and easy.


As you can see, this website is incredibly similar to the BBC website and has the same functions. I think that I should carry on this news style theme with my website.


Sky News’ website differs a little from the BBC and The Hull Daily Mails, but, it still has exactly the same functionality. The colour scheme is just slightly braved and differing from the house style of news websites.


The Telegraph is much like the SKY News website in the sense that it is brave with it is colour scheme.  Barring this, it still functions the same as the other four news websites I have researched. Although the audiences slightly differ they all work the same way.

































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