Weebly – Website builder

Screen shot 2013-12-06 at 10.08.16

The free drag and drop website builder, Weebly, appears to have a lot to offer in terms of creating a news based website for students.

According to Weebly’s website many famous names have used the website as a starting point for their website ideas, such as – WSJ. , BBC, Time and Newsweek. To see that big name news outlets have used this website to develop their identities online makes me want to explore the website to find out what it has to offer my website idea structurally and design wise.

I need the website to be aesthetically pleasing so that students are drawn toward it and feel comfortable when using my website.

Although I don’t hold the necessary skills to create a website using HTML, i find drag and drop websites easy to use. The website hosts clean and sophisticated designs which i think will look new age and fresh to appeal to  the student audience.

Having spoke to my tutor i think it would be a great idea to purchase a layout for a professional edge to my work as opposed to using a free layout, i find that because the layout is free more people will use it for their work and i would like my website to have an individual feel.



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