Kettle mag

After researching for other websites which host student journalist’s articles, I only found one.  The website is called Kettle Mag

Looking at the website it has quirky and fun aspects to it, contributors such as fonts, colours and big pictures appear to hold a big role when aiming at a mostly teenage audience. However, the website is a online magazine and I wanted my website to be taken in a more serious light through creating a newspaper feel for an air of professionalism as opposed to a casual feel magazine.



Ideas taken from Kettle mag’s website

The website also hosts large hit videos which are currently circulating the web. However, I think that i could use this idea through having a variety of skills used on my website. For instance, Journalists are expected to be able to take high quality photographs and edit video footage together. Therefore, perhaps the idea of having articles as the websites prime function and having videos and photography created also created by student journalists could give the websitee a better feel targeting people who are passionate about journalism but prefer the radio, photo journalism or even video journalism.


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