IM creator – Website builder

IM creator is a website builder, I liked the look of the video it uses to promote the website so I decided to research into it.

The website has a range of designs which are completely free to use if needed. They use categories to help you narrow down your style website.  Portfolios, news, photographers, designers, artists, restaurants and other. I think this could be a useful tool for someone who wants to create a website with the template already created however, I feel that it would be for my work, as it is very specific and needs a lot of research to enable me to effectively target my audience I think it would be better to start from scratch.

The website has a lot to offer within the world of social media, you can create links and updates from certain social media websites when using the IM creator. Such as, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. For training journalists and actual journalists I think this is excellent as social media is very current and rapidly developing. It helps people to publisise and share their work which reaches thousands.

A key to revealing if  a website lives up to its role could be who it is accredited by.  This website is accredited through so big names such as The  New York Times, TNW, CBS and Venture Beat. If they accredit the website, it usually means that they have mentioned or reviewed the websites work on there websites or magazines/newspapers.


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