The start of the project

During this module I intend to work with Graphic Designer Paul Dennis. I already have Paul’s contact information as I have worked with Paul in another module that I conducted in my second year of journalism.


During last year’s module Paul mentioned that he was setting up a website that will explore The Arts, The History and The People of Hull. So I took this Creative Contexts as an opportunity to pursue Paul’s ambitions of creating a Hull based website.


The Website is called Luv Ull, to get involved with the website I simply emailed Paul.


Paul wanted to look at my blog before we arranged to meet, I guess to judge what sort of writing I did.


After submitting my blog link to him and gathering some work I have produced to take to him we arranged to meet at 12pm on the 23.10.2013 at The 1 gallery located on The Hull Marina.


The meeting with Paul went incredibly well. We discussed what we both wanted out of this opportunity.


After showing him my work that I have produced he had a keen interest to find out what I wanted to write about and what I found interesting about Hull.  Together we decided that I would produce content which I thought highlighted Hull’s qualities and Paul would monitor the content and publish it if he liked it.


Alongside submitting content to him Paul felt that his Facebook page for The Luv Ull project needed to be broader and take off properly. He asked if I would like to be given admin rights to update and run the Facebook page on his behalf. I agreed to do this as I think that it is a great opportunity if I ever get into the media industry.


Knowing how to successfully run a Facebook or Twitter page is great for media companies who want promoting through social media and want to get involved with Users.


I am currently waiting for admin access to the Facebook page.


I feel like although I am working for a client I have free rein over my project and can take the project in any direction that I want to explore as long as Paul likes the ideas. Therefore I think it could be a good idea to pitch every article idea I have to Paul before conducting them.


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