Smart objectives

Strategic – I am going to create a newspaper consisting of 20 pages. Based on Hull for tourists and students.

Measurable – As a measurement, i will produce a Gantt chart so that i will track my progress throughout. It will include pre-production, post and the final product. This will be evident via links and screen shots on my blog.

I know that this project is achievable as i live in Hull, therefore content about Hull will be fairly easy to get. Secondly, after getting the initial content i will be working alone.

Agreed – It is possible as about 60% of information that can go in my newspaper i already have obtained from previous journalism pieces.

Realistic –  The Ipaper is around 30 pages long. Therefore i think a realistic measurement would be that i create around 20 pages and have 10 dummy pages.

Timed – The project completion date is the 10th of may 2013, therefore i have created a gantt chart to make sure all the work is completed and handed in in time.


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