Change of plan – Self initiated project

Unfortunately, some shops in the Hepworth arcade did not want to participate. Others, bosses were too busy, meetings etc. Lastly, some people’s shifts clashed with my lectures, therefore my plan is not moving quick enough to meet my deadline for work.

Although this plan was feasible over a longer period of time,  i have learnt that not all clients are reliable.

Therefore, i have decided to completely change my idea and create a project based on a newspaper design lecture. My new project will now rely on myself and my journalistic skills.

My new plan consists of creating my own newspaper using Indesign. (Adobe software) I am going to create a newspaper styled magazine which has a similar features to the I paper, only, based in Hull.

I think that this is a good idea especially from the point of view of advertising and exploring new genres of writing for myself.

I would like my newspaper to be around 30 pages. As a goal i want to achieve 20 pages, any more pages created would also be good. But, ideally having 10 dummy design pages.


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