Diamond dealer second edit

A diamond dealer was kidnapped, his family held hostage in a daring robbery.


It was Sunday night and Peter and his family where having a night in when it ll happened.


Two armed men broke into his home and captured Peter Brandt yesterday.  “They was waving their guns round in the air” The men blindfolded Mr. Brandt and took him away from his family. His wife Melissa and two children where left with the third man.


Peter was taken to a countryside farmhouse where he remained blindfolded and left handcuffed to a chair all night. Mr. Brandt says, “ I couldn’t sleep, I worried about my wife and children.”


Peter also said that “They has intent on robbing me, they saw an opportunity.” The gangs are believed to have been targeting half a million diamonds belonging to the family business, that where due to be delivered from Holland.


The police arrested two of the men on Orchard road, during the arrest one of the men shot himself in the buttock, resulting in him being taken to the hospital and being watched under police guard.  A third man was then arrested at Mr. Brandt’s home where his wife Melissa, 54 and his two children Sonja, 14 and son Steven, 16 where being held hostage.





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