Diamond dealer article. first attempt

Yesterday morning the Humberside Police where called out to an armed incident in which two arrests where made on Orchard Road, Hull.


Mr. Brandt, 55, a diamond dealer was captured by three men,  “They rushed into our home waving guns around” two of which took him to a near farmhouse. Mr. Brandt told us that he was blindfolded and handcuffed to a chair all night.  “I couldn’t sleep I was to worries about my wife and children.”


There has been no description of the men so far until the court hearing, Mr. Brandt says all he remembers is sounds such as voices.


Two of the men where found by the police, surrounding a dark Mercedes on Orchard road, they where then arrested and taken to the police station.  Police think that the car was the same one used to transport Mr. Brandt to the farmhouse previously.


Police said, “It was a well organised robbery involving half a million diamonds, they were clearly prepared to use violence as they had three handguns and one shot gun.”


One of the men has been admitted to hospital after shooting himself in the buttock, he remains in a stable condition.  The press office says” He remains under police guard and will be held in prison until the court hearing.”


Detective Inspector David Smith says “Police officers acting on intelligence provided by colleagues at Interpol in Amsterdam detained two men on suspicion of conspiracy to rob and possession of firearms after they were stopped u a car in Orchard road.”


Further inquiries led us to Mr. Brand’s home in West Hull where his family, wife Melissa and his two young children, Steve, 16 and Sonya, 14 were being held hostage. A third man was then arrested in their home.  The family were taken to The Hull Royal Infirmary where they were checked by medical staff. They are all healthy and unharmed.


Mr. Brandt says, “They obviously had intent of robbing me, they saw an opportunity. But, the most important thing is that my family are safe.”



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