Smart objectives

It is essential to know your targets before you start to develop a plan for you project. This way you can create a plan so you know your targets and when you have effectively hit a milestone within your project.

Here are my smart objectives –

Strategic – I want to produce a 2 and a half minute show reel for a client that will depict everything that the client does, how they do it and to what standard.

Measurable –  I will achieve this by creating a gantt chart. This will help me to manage my project effectively in terms of time and ensure i hit everything part of the project.

Agreed – The project is possible as the content is available that i want to produce.

realistic- The video and interviews can easily be achieved. However, the video editing software is Adobe Premiere Pro, but i wanted to use different video editing software for this project.

Timed- The project is 12 weeks long, therefore the project will take 12 weeks. The gantt chart i am going to create will help me achieve this target.


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