Self initiated project lesson log


When conducting a plan for your chosen project i have to look at the learning outcomes in order to create my own brief. If i create a plan around the learning outcomes for this module it means i will meet every one.

In this session, we looked at techniques to make the project easier for ourselves. firstly, we were giving a handout which asked us to explain what a project is. (see blog post for my definition.)

Our tutor Dave, said that even if part of the project doesn’t work, then we need to document that we tried it anyway. This enables us to remember for future reference not to make the same mistake. Also, it helps with our project management work.

Throughout this module, we are expected to keep a log book and diary. I have decided that i am going to use a Gantt chart to track my progress, in theory, this tool should also help me with time management for my project. is the online project management tool that i have chosen to use for this project.

The log book i will keep here on my blog. By recording all of my lesson work and also updating and creating media to show development within my project. I feel like taking screen shots of my Gantt chart  will be a good idea  to show the development of my project.

In this session, we also discussed Smart targets (See blog post) and swot analysis (Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

to look at Moodle > E-resources > Dawsonera


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