Smart targets

Specific –

My specific target would be to ensure that people know about the Victoria Arcade and to publicise the arcade as a whole. In the hope that Whitefriargate will seem appealing to the public.

Measurable –

To measure the time management i have created a gantt chart that i will follow to ensure that my project will be delivered on time.

Achievable –

My primary goal to achieve is a video that emphasises what the Victoria has to offer. In addition, i need to achieve interviews from the consumers of the shops within the Victoria arcade and the shop owners. I find this goal entirely achievable as i have worked with the shop owners before and carried out many interviews around that area within previous projects.

Realistic –

Realistically the video will not be a problem to create, although still challenging. Ideally, i would hope for my work to be published on websites such as This is Hull, Humber Mud, Youtube and Hyperfruit. However, i’m not quite show how realistically achievable this is. Time and emails will tell.

Time-limited –

The project as a whole from pre-production, post-production and production is a rounded 12 weeks. Although this is a tight time frame. I believe if i carefully plan and document my work, particularly by following and updating my gantt chart that the project is entirely possible.


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