Ideas evaluated

The music website

Band nights and open mic nights are usually on Fridays and Saturdays. I think that the idea to create a website featuring music reviews, interviews and pictures is great as a whole. However, after planning and pre-production i don’t think that i would have gathered enough content to create a website.

The Adelphi or The Terrace

Again, i think that this would be a good idea and show artistic talent and documentation to further promote the club/s. However, i think that the same problem as the music website applys to this idea also.

Victoria Arcade

I think the idea to try and promote the Victoria Arcade is great considering the fall of Whitefriagate itself. Having previously spoken to the shop owners or Beasleys  i believe it is time that Victoria Arcade needs promoting. Prior research i have conducted around the town of Hull shows that some people don’t even know what the arcade is or where it is.

Therefore i think creating an artistic video to promote the arcade is a good idea. I think that creating a cartoon of the Victoria Arcade, accompanied by shop-owner interviews and tours around shops could emphasise the great shopping opportunities the arcade has.


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