Interactive environments evaluation

Interactive environments evaluation

I have always been aware about web 2.0 and user generated content. However, since I have attended the interactive environment lectures I have learnt so much more about how these environs work and have discovered more options that are available to us, such as, applications and websites.

An Interactive environment is a medium that we interact with. It could be something as basic as a newspaper or as complex as an application. We as the audience/consumers interact with all of our products whether they are electronic or something concrete (noun).

New technologies like Android phones allow us to use applications such as the play store.  When you use the play store you can download anything that you want, games, music, films, and e-books. They all connect to social media sites, which mean that you can interact with others using any interface. Similarly, the desktop computer, laptops, mobile phones and tablets also give you access to all of this technology. This means on a global scale you can interact with people anywhere and anytime.

In one of the sessions, I opened a Twitter account. This is an interactive environment. Having never used Twitter before I had to learn how it functioned and use it for professional reasons. Currently my Twitter account has 68 followers.  Twitter is subjective; you can use it how you want to, as you can find people you want to follow and groups. For example BBC and their tweets create your news. I like that you can re-tweet other peoples Tweets because it’s a way to allow news to flow throughout the public, I also enjoy Hash tags because numerous tweets appear that all have your hash tag in common.

Through these sessions I also learnt about numerous new applications and websites. One website I found very interesting. Storify.  Storify is a website that allows you to create a story using content from other websites. The websites it uses to find news are Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr, Breaking news, Instigram, Google and Tumblr. When using Storify you interact with that website as a primary source but then using other interactive environments such as social media websites allows you to interact further. I find this website very interesting due to the fact that you interact with more than one thing at a time. After you have finished creating your Storify you can publish it to the Storify website, which is linked to Facebook and Twitter as you can sign in with either application.

In conclusion, I have used a lot more interactive applications and websites then I have before, I have my work that I have researched on apps and websites published on my blog. I now feel like I understand the topic as a whole better than I did before.


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