Brian Griffin piece edited

Brian Griffin – Photography

Brian Griffin photography

3rd October 2012

The Jubilee Hall in Hull is hosting a series of visiting speaker lectures. Brian Griffin happens to be the first of many.

In short his girlfriend left him for a co-worker and he turned his hatred into a passion that was photography. He is also the oldest creative Photographer in England to date.

I found it incredibly interesting that people hired him a lot because he could get a perfect camera exposure and focus. However, now that technology has developed cameras come with auto exposure. Brian was left with his skills in photography since this development happened. He stated that few people really know how lighting in photography works, this appears to be a huge deal to him as most of his successful photography has come from his lighting skills.

Brian went on to list a few of his proudest projects,

Business men portraits, Iggy Pop album art in the late 70s, Billy Idol – Rebel Yell album art, Depeche mode, Politician photography and Photographs of Film stars

Brian said that ‘it is amazing how photography is not regarded as an art form.’., his interest in factory work brought his photography to life. He was asked to hold an exhibition in Paris. He decided to create a project about his life when he was young. He hired himself as his father as there is a huge resemblance and he called a favour from a film friend to find a match for his mother. This exhibition was hosted back in 2010.

Brian spoke about his inspirations and said that we should all look for other places for it. Primarily because when you try and think of something to create from the top of your head it doesn’t always go according to plan and that if you mix your ideas from simple likings of someone else’s work that your own work will go far as there is a lot of thought and creativity within. Here are a few of his inspirations that he mentioned. –

Art Galleries give him inspiration, an artist called Stanley Spencer give him the idea of looking down on people. He said that when his father died all he thought about was sliced white bread.

As well as all these achievements he hosted a series of England’s 2012 Olympics but he created them differently to the generic style of photos of athletes in competition.

He wrapped up his performance by saying ‘Going to sleep gets in the way’. Important things happen when you sleep such as job opportunities via email or social networking as he co-ordinates himself as a freelance photographer via his Mac.



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