As a journalist piece

Unfortunately the copy of this before the redraft has corrupt.

As a journalist there are certain things that you need to carry with you at all times.

A notepad and pen make for a good start. However, what happens if it rains? A pencil would also be a good idea.

Getting technical, some journalists like to work with new technology. Such as I pads, Androids, Laptops etc.… But, obviously they only work if the interview/ new story is indoor, or a sunny day.

Technology like these can be a big help, especially if the interview is structured. Dictaphones also, instead of writing everything down in shorthand you can simply record the full conversation. However, batteries do die and problems do occur so notepad and pencil is it.

Personally, I prefer using apps via my Android device. I have downloaded a series of applications that really help me when in interviews.

Firstly, Evernote, the app allows you to write notes, upload content such as images, video and podcasts. This is a great tool for uploading your notes straight to the web. You can visit the website as well so you can edit your notes straight away.

Other Apps include Flip board, Flip board is a application which allows you to pick your own news categories, you can flip through news that is tailored to what you want to read. The app also allows you to like and save things via Facebook and Twitter.

There are also very basic applications that I enjoy using or having as a back-up, such as, Dictaphone, online keyboard, corkboard and of course social media apps like Facebook, Twitter and WordPress.



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