essay on Force 7, The Rise of the YouTube star

The Rise of the YouTube star

The rise of the YouTube star is a project run by Force 7. Due to the internet craze that is, YouTube, Force 7 want to find out if they can reach out to young people, to teach them the basic facts of first aid and what to do if they ever need medical help for anyone.

The users of YouTube follow people’s channels that are to their personal taste. Here are a few, Charlie is so cool likedavids mitchell’s soap boxCrab sticksSam Pepper and Pj the kick.

Force 7 created a YouTube video; the video is about two boys, one drunk and the other performing first aid. The video was delivered in an informative yet humorous manner. 20% would best describe the video as “quirky”, 18% said “informative”, 17% said “educational” – only 1% described the video as “old fashioned” and 5% said it was “boring”

To get accurate answers to questions that we wanted to ask the audience, they showed the audience the video on a hidden link – After this they showed the audience a pre-reel promotion video which was going to be later uploaded to YouTube

The video was to primarily investigate whether or not people think that the YouTube video would work. In 24 hours the video received 50,000 hits and five days after this has reached 80,000 plus.

After people has watched the video, 76% of users said having seen the clip they would know and feel more confident doing the pushover themselves,  20% said Yes, they would know, but wouldn’t feel confident doing it themselves. And 73% of respondents thought the clip was about “First aid” followed by 10% who thought it was “Comedy” and 9% who thought “drinking”.

After the video was shown to the audience a series of questions were asked. Including whats you favourite type of video to watch. 82% of respondents watch “Comedy/Funny videos” on YouTube compared to 13% who watch “Adverts” and 91% who watch “Music Videos”

Other questions such as have you heard of these YouTube channels, Charlie is so cool likeDavid Mitchells soap boxCrab sticksSam Pepper and Pj the kick.

49% of respondents had heard of 1 or more of the YouTube “celebrities/users” identified in the survey, 6% had specifically heard of “PJ the kick” and a whopping 32% had heard of “Charlie is so cool like”

In conclusion, the YouTube video about first aid was effective however, forced upon the audience instead of stumbled upon. This affects factors such as hits and likes on YouTube. As well as this another factor could be that the YouTube channels listed above have been existent on YouTube for a longer period of time.


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