700 word hypothesis

Media development within journalism                                                                          Jade Stipetic

Digitalisation has shaped the way that we view news forever and it is continuing to develop. Therefore the change in which we view news is still continuing. What technological advances could happen next? I am going to hypothesise what I think could be possible for the future of technology based on the development on certain mediums so far.

The development in new technologies and interactive environments has led to an argument about a paradigm shift within the media world.  Within journalism we used to receive our news from newspapers which then later developed to the television and now the internet. However, since news has become online based has there been a paradigm shift? A change in the way we view news due to technological advances means that therefore the rules of news has changed drastically. The methods of viewing the news have transformed, having now using social media sites and blogs. The rise of citizen journalism is shaping a new reality for news as a whole.

Due to citizen journalism in the form of web 2.0 such as blogs, Facebook and Twitter mean that people are finding their own news and creating a postmodern alternative. Using sites for information and piecing them together how they want to see them. Sites such as Storify allow this to happen. Therefore I assume that in the near future a virtual newsroom will be developed. Ideas such as the Google Glasses make this idea seem possible. The newsroom could allow you to have a holographic room in which you can use the internet and drag and drop whatever information you want to see. The apps which I created for this group project explain it visually.

When you think about the development of journalism on different platforms they used to use a simple notepad. Now journalists use their laptops, tablets and even mobile phones to report data back to the newsroom instantly. What could happen next to further develop journalism? Holograms? Which can be sent via mobile devices? This type of technology would ensure that the audience will consume factual information instantly. Unlike news at the moment which can be deceiving due to the existing technology which we use at the moment.

Technology such as Photoshop, the Syrian Photoshop scandal in which worldwide newspapers were manipulating photographs taken in Syrian cities, changing the backgrounds to make Syria look in a worse condition then it is. Technology like this beholds bad practice for journalists and the news as a whole. Therefore I hypothesise that new technological advance such as Diminished reality could have promising improvements for the way that we view news.  Purely because the video that the audience is consuming will be live however, not deceiving.  The reason it won’t be deceiving in my opinion is because the news only displays now, on any platform what they want to reveal and therefore I think that having the option to take away on live video what ever they want to would be an excellent development within the news. I also think that the news will be published faster as the editing time would be cut down. Therefore consumers of news will have even more content then they ever have.

In conclusion I think that the development in technology can only get better. The development of news gathering platforms has already rapidly grown to the point where there is already so much you can achieve just through using the internet. If you could use more than one platform at once and live share and edit at the same time then journalism has a long way to go and many platforms to use and explore.  Especially citizen journalism, creating your own news taking content from a collection of resources could not be easier.




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