Badminton original

The Hull and East Riding Badminton centre specialises in badminton for all ages and all groups. Having visiting the centre Friday morning (24.02.12) 10:30am until 12pm, I found the club to be enjoyable yet inspirational.

The badminton club encourages fitness and pleasure all in one. I spoke to six members of the group who all said the the centre is a great place to belong as you can become fit whilst having fun with friends.

The centre offers junior and senior badminton lessons costing just £3.00 per session, you can even book a court for free play for only £1.00 per 12 minutes and all the money earned is used to enhance the centre and increase their members badminton experience.

Today was the first time I visited the centre having only recently heard about it. However, I think that anybody who wishes to play badminton should definatley try this badminton club. I was very welcomed upon my arrival, all the members were very happy to speak to me and give me more information on their experiences at the Hull Badminton centre. The Friday morning coach Paul Pratt was also extremely helpful and allowed me to attend the session to see for myself what the club was offering and how people are coached in becoming excellent badminton players, possibly the best they can be.

The session started with their coach ‘Paul’ dictating a group warm up session. He instructed the  players to stretch their quad muscles, then stretch to a side, stretch with their hands together, arm rotations and finally shake. This concluded the warm up session and then began to play badminton.

This particular Friday their were thirteen players, they were all rotated around the four courts to play with people of different skills and strategies to build up their own.

There is quite a lot of swapping around with partners, It’s not always easy but we aim to put people together who have the same ability and then sometimes we put people together who are a bit mix match and just see how they get on.” – Paul Pratt.

The coach Paul teaches the badminton players through the use of demonstrations, making sure that everybody learns the new skills he is teaching. In one tutorial,  Paul throwed shuttlecocks towards Sam, who is a member at the centre and she hit them back towards Paul in a fashion that he had literally just taught her.

Sam says that she loves to play badminton here, its a tough workout just from hitting a shuttlecock and running around the court as your working a lot of your muscles.

The rest of the class then out these skills to practice, then Paul closed the session with another work out, they walked around and raised their calfs.

Whilst I was there I spoke to a player called Jenny Chiverton, who said that the badminton centre is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to play badminton. She plays at the Hull and East Riding Badminton centre and plays the sport at Woodford. However, she wants to play three times a week possibly more but, its finding a partner available at the same times as she aspires to be the best she can be at the sport. Other members such as Jaquie Newman, loves the technique that you learn there, she began to play at the centre in September 2011, having been inspired by her son who also plays the sport, she supports him by attending all his matches.

The skills that were demonstrated are the club were truly great, it appeared to be a fantastic atmosphere and everybody their had such good words to say about the centre. They are always looking for new people.


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