BBC news Shropshire article turned into Fox News style.

BBC news Shropshire article turned into Fox News style.

Killed by pet: One week old

By Jade Stipetic

Published November 21st, 2012




The death of a young boy, killed by a family pet, mauled and hospitalised in Shropshire.

West Mercia Police said that the event was a “Tragic accident”. The Jack Russell, put down. The homes in Ketley, believed to be the grandparents are were the paramedics found Harry Harper. Tuesday morning.


Deputy Chief Inspector, Neil Jamieson, sympathetically said “The dog in question was a family pet, a Jack Russell, and this animal has been put down.” Harry’s family said “no words to describe the loss we have suffered”.

The Emergency team went to Harry’s grandparents’ home, where they found Harry, the home was believed to me Gordon and Teresa Bell, the events happened around 8’0’clock.  The child was then rushed to the Princess Royal Hospital, Telford. Not long after arriving at the hospital, Harry had died. The Family said that they are “absolutely devastated” and asked to be “left in peace to grieve and deal with our loss”.

The police stated that “Our investigation is on-going but it appears that the baby died as a result of a dog bite. A post-mortem will be taking place to establish the exact cause of this baby’s death but at this stage it does appear to be a tragic accident.”

Neighbours were even upset and appalled by the news, Ingrid Finch, a neighbour to the family said: “It’s just horror – shock and horror really.”



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