Art Therapy workshop

Today I attended a class based on art therapy, hosted by …. The purpose of the class was to discuss the topic and for … to share an insight of what it would be like to be an art therapist. Although this has a minimal amount of similarities with my discipline, the two hours I spent learning about it was very interesting.

I have no desire to be an art therapist but I certainly thought that the idea of art therapy was complex and intriguing how you can learn so much about a person from a simple drawing. The clients do not have to be expert artists however, the art therapist will ask them to draw something and they will draw it how they perceive their situation/ how they perceive a person etc.

During the class … gave us an example of studies that he has undertaken as part of pursuing his career. He once asked a patient to draw a picture of the person that was troubling a patient, it happened to be a partner and the patient draws her partner as a black star, apparently the shape and colour has negative connotations and in essence he said that the patient should ‘get rid’.

In conclusion, I find the topic very interesting but do not wish to pursue career in this discipline. However, I think that it is great that something like this exists as an alternative to other counselling methods.


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