Museum and Gallery workshop

Museum and Gallery work  – Cats Workshop

29TH of October 2012.

Today I went to a workshop that discussed aspects of working for a museum and the qualifications you may need.

Although this had no relevance to my discipline I found it really interesting as it made me think about the ins and outs of businesses in general.

The session started with the question ‘What is a museum’? A museum is a place that houses objects with historical or cultural relevance.

But how do they work? The session took us through everything  and task that needed to be kept up to date within a museum or gallery.  When you enter a museum there is generally a house style which is made up from design work, lighting, artefacts and many other things.  Here are a list of primary jobs within a museum that I feel are relevant to journalism –

Collections – This is a job based around the digitalisation of objects and information within a museum.

Documentation – Writing up Archives for a museum

Exhibition design – Designing a layout for how the information and artefacts will be laid out.

In conclusion, I don’t think that museum work is for me. However, if I was to decide on voluntary work I would enquire about the three jobs listed above. I thought that the work shop was important to learn about and very educational.


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