Emails about printing work

From: jade stipetic []
Sent: 22 October 2012 11:18
To: Jamie Macaskill

Hello Jamie, i am a student at The Hull School of Art and Design. we have met before during the student supplement creation ‘Higher-life’.
For one of my modules on the journalism course i have to develop a skill. My idea was to try and possibly watch and document how a newspaper sets up their pages for print and how they are created. I wondered if by any chance i could come in and watch the process? i am very interested.
Hope to hear from you soon, Thanks.

Hi Jade, I’m OK with this but clear it with production editor Laura Jennison. I’d suggest emailing her at … , explain that you’ve been in touch with me and see if she can bring you in for the day or perhaps an afternoon.




Jamie Macaskill

Assistant Editor


I then emailed Laura Jennison

From: jade stipetic []
Sent: 28 October 2012 16:23
To: Laura Jennison

Hello, I have recently been in touch with Jamie Macaskill, I have worked with him before in creating a supplement for The Hull Daily Mail called ‘Higher-life’.
I  have previously asked him for some printing experience and he said to email yourself. Basically, I have a module within my journalism course at the Hull School of Art and Design and  have to chose a topic that i am not lets say 100% in. Therefore as a trainee journalist I think that maybe visiting to see how The Hull Daily Mail set up documents for print would be great experience and possibly actually watching the printing of the newspaper?
I look forward to your email, Many Thanks.

Hi Jade

Unfortunately, we have very little to do with the printing side of things these days. We send pages electronically to our printers in Horncastle and they do the rest. It’s quite rare now to find a newspaper that is actually printed on site, as we used to be some years ago.

At the moment, we have a trainee journalist spending an extended period of time with us and we have limited resources,  all of which are currently being used showing them what we do, so we won’t be able to give you the attention you need to make your visit worthwhile.

Thanks for the interest and good luck with the course.


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