cats proposal

Critical and Theoretical studies proposal

As a journalist realistically I should know how printing procedures work. However, in the industry I am not that experienced in printing, particularly dimensions, bleeds, slugs and colours to avoid. So I propose that I learn how to prepare my documents for print within the newsroom. I think that this will be an essential and beneficial skill to have for my later to have career.

I have created a way in order to gain this necessary skill. I have decided that I will email Jamie Mc.. at The Hull Daily Mail, I will ask if I could possibly come and see how their printing procedures work. Hopefully they will let me try it out for myself but if not it would be great to shadow someone that sets the documents up for print.

As well as the printing in the news room idea, there is a printing shop down Newland Avenue called … My idea was to go there down and ask about a shadowing opportunity for a few days. This is in order to achieve being able to print for other mediums rather than just a newspaper.

If I get denied from any of these potential opportunities then I will find some more places that will possibly show me how to print professionally. If all else fails then I will ask the companies for tips about printing and look into joining a specialist course.

In conclusion, I think that the idea of learning how to print for professional purposes will emphasise my skills as a journalist, being able to learn how to print properly could open more job opportunities for me. Not only that but if ever I want anything printing professionally at a printing shop, for instance, ring binding or an odd sized print I would be able to set my document up pre-ready for printing purposes. Therefore I am going to conduct looking for printing opportunities.


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