What is interactive enviroments

Interactive environments

Interactive environments are mediums that we interact with. It could be something as basic as a newspaper or as complex as an app on the Ipad. We as the audience/ consumers interact with all of our products whether they are electronic or something concrete (noun).

See Twitter for my 6 examples of Interactive environments.

Interactive journalism can be of two forms, written or electronic. A classic example would be The Times newspaper and The Times newspaper online. Obviously there are pros and cons to both. The Pros of print being that you are instantly told what the news is in your specific area or global and of course there is not loading time to view it as print is passive and online is active. However, online media can be seen as a huge improvement to journalism, mainly because we are in the digital era and you can read about what you want when you want. The web offers many news source alternatives, 1000’s of online newspapers, Twitter is now widely recognised as a news source and obviously the latest developing interactive environment Android and IPhone.  There are an uncountable amount of news based Apps available to you to download at the click of a button. For instance, BBC, Times, Pulse and Flipboard.


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