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Diminished Reality]

Diminished reality is something that is being perceived but not 100% factual. For example In Germany researchers have created a piece of software that enables you to manipulate live video.

The software is called ‘Diminished reality’, basically it decreases the resolution of an item that you don’t want in your video. It then entirely eradicates the item and increases the resolution. This means that when someone watches the video you can barely tell that the item was there.

This software instantly removes the object simply by drawing a ring around the object you no longer want in your video. It removes it within seconds. However, this technology that started being used in 2010 has further developing to undertake, pretty soon the world will use it massively to its advantage, possibly being used to manipulate film in the media world.

The Syrian Photoshop Scandal

The Syrian Photoshop scandal is primarily aimed at worldwide newspapers that exploited Syria. They did this through manipulating photographs taken in Syrian cities using Photoshop.  For example one of Austria’s largest daily newspapers ‘Die Kronen Zeitung’ published a photograph of a man holding a young child; the man was walking next to a Syrian woman in a city called ‘Aleppo’. However, the photograph was said by readers to be suspicious.

The photograph was in fact published on a blog a few days before the paper had used it, the paper had changed the background of the image They alleged to have used Photoshop to exaggerate the state of Syria at the time.


BP Manipulates facts with Photoshop

BP confessed Photo shopping a photo of an oil spill back in 2010. The picture was terribly edited and it was immediately obvious that it had been tampered with even to amateurs.   The picture was edited like it was to emphasise the spill. However, there are several things wrong with the picture. For instance – viewers have noticed the following:

–       “The first thing you might notice out of place is the looming air traffic control tower in the upper left hand side of the photo”

–       “the pilot appears to be holding a pre-flight checklist”

–       “The pilot has been cut out badly”

–       “The water in the tower and sea has unnatural shading and colours of blue.”

However, BP has acknowledged and apologised for the manipulation of the photograph.                    BP had this to say “BP has acknowledged their practice of photo shopping some of the official images of their Deep water Horizon clean-up efforts, and has vowed to stop manipulating photographs going forward. They’ve also created a Flickr account where you can see the unaltered originals.”

Dove Evolution

Dove created a short video of a female in a natural state. They then changed her make-up and her hairstyle. The designers then manipulated the photo using specialist editing software. Making her neck longer, hair thicker and her eyes/mouth bigger.  The video then shows the advert being placed on a billboard which is a real shocker in society. It makes you think of what we think beauty truly is and how our perception of it is distorted.

The Cottingley Fairies

Before photo editing equipment was invented people thought about the art of photo manipulation or distortion. Fake photography first started in 1917. Two Girls wanted their father to believe that fairies existed, they hung photos of fairies up and took photos of each other to make their father believe that they were real.  The news travelled fast and eventually reached Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who was so adamant that the photographs were real he published books and said that “The recognition of their existence will jolt the material twentieth century mind out of its heavy ruts in the mud, and will make it admit that there is a glamour and mystery to life. Having discovered this, the world will not find it so difficult to accept that spiritual message supported by physical facts which has already been put before it.”

The art of photo manipulation is wide spread, especially now. People use it for many purposes. Posters for films and video in general are huge customers of the art. It creates an alternative reality and distorts the truth between reality and fantasy worlds.



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