100 word product description on 2 apps.

Two Journalistic Apps Research.

Drop box


Dropbox is a free website/ app that allows you to have 2gb of free online space. All you need is an account and the Internet.

Basically a folder appears on my desktop (or where ever you wish to save it), you log into the drop box site and save your work into the folder, just like you would a on a computer. As long as you’re signed in, your work saves and is accessible on whatever device you wish to use. I use drop box using my Android phone and when I use computers at university. In essence Dropbox is a virtual USB pen.

Ever note


Evernote is a free website / app that allows you to upload your work/ thoughts and feelings. You can choose to publish them or not, if you decide to publish they appear on your Evernote account and if you have Facebook or Twitter for example linked up it publishes on them to.

The great thing about Evernote is that it really supports Backpack Journalism. For instance, if you see something interesting when you’re out and about you can instantly write something and publish it.  It also lets you upload photos and videos.


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