Reflection of Twitter compared to other social media sites (200words)

Truthfully I haven’t used Twitter that much as a social media tool or professionally. I am currently signed up to 5 social media sites. Bebo, Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and Flikr.

Having used Facebook since 2006 I have become media literate in Facebook speak and navigation.  However, since I started my degree in Digital media journalism I have to make my self an online presence, so I started to use Twitter and a site called Linked In. At the moment I only really use Twitter to publish my tweets about terminology I have come across in uni. Recently I have tweeted about interactive media.

Twitter is the only thing that I use professionally, perhaps that’s because I started using it around 6 months ago. However, I find that as soon as I Tweet something it travels around all of my social media sites such as my wordpress blog and Facebook. This is a huge benefit of all my social media sites as UGC is shared throughout all platforms.

I know that I am going to use Twitter a lot more and become just as educated in its functions as I am with Facebook. Although Twitter is also used as a news platform it fits in well with my chosen field of journalism.


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