Research for documentary

Sound research

A sound documentary is a piece of work that explains and explores a particular subject and broadcasted  via the radio or internet.

Idea – Create a documentary about music.

Fields suggested –

Band interviews

Pork recordings – Artists such as Dj Bizzle, Fila Brazillia and Baby Mammoth. Also an interview with the owner would be good and would have high interactivity.

Me and Scarlet discussing the bands and pork recordings… Maybe even talk about up and coming bands or venues in Hull that have open mic nights or live bands performing.  (Signed and un-signed)

Radio documentary research.   Link to a website for a radio station that specialises in radio documentaries.

Useful radio stations found on the blog. These give me an indication of  how my documentary should be set up and also the conventions of documentaries as a whole.

BBC Northampton Documentary

‘BBC Northampton’s documentaries covering different people, groups, events and more.’

The Changing World

‘Lisa Mullins and Marco Werman host an exciting series of powerful documentaries, each of which takes a long look at a single global issue, from geo-political hegemony to world health concerns. The Changing World is a special collaboration…’


‘CBC Radio’s program of documentaries, interviews and essays with host Rick MacInnes-Rae. Dispatches aims to tell the stories of the people who actually live in the places we hear about in the news, if we hear about them at all.’

Radio 6 music – Music documentaries by the BBC, Lauren Lavern presents.

Radio 2 – Discussions on many topics, I have found a documentary/ discussion on Queen. Entitled ‘The show must go on’, presented by Ken Bruce.


Pork recordings

Pork recordings started in 1992 in Hull by a man called David Brennand, also known as Porky. The record label specialises in Electronica and has many bands recruited. The most heard of bands he has employed would be Fila Brazillia, Baby Mammoth and Lego Beast.

Baby Mammoth –Sample of their music.

As well as hoping to interview Porky and Baby Mammoth I would also like to interview a friend named DJ Bizzle who owns a company called Championsoundrecords. An online record shop at the same time he also DJ’s at The Adelphi and used to DJ for GrassRoots at Welly.


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