Hull market pub (un-named)

23rd March 2012

Today the PSI group investigated a public house in Hull. The owners of the pub wish for it to remain anonymous for reasons that cannot be stated, but claim to have paranormal happenings.

The Landlord claimed that a key was thrown at him whilst he was working in the cellar. However, nobody was around that specific area at the time and suspiciously the key does not fit any lock on the premises.

Firstly, we visited the Games Room which is on the first floor of the pub. The group called out asking if there was a presence in the room, and if so, to come forward or show a sign that their being was among us. No one wanted to come forward. However, a member of the team sensed that the back of the room had an unusual atmosphere. She felt like there had been a fire at the property and the name ‘Charles’ came into her head, although she did not know what connection to the pub Charles had, when we quickly researched the pub we found that a Mr.Charles Jackson owned the pub in 1966. Prior to this, a fire had happened near the staircase on the first floor and the roof in the early 1900’s.

The group then set up a trigger object on one of the pool tables using two pool triangles to create a hexagram. They then placed six coins on all of the points to see if a coin would be moved. We also placed a coin on its edge next to the hexagram and left them for several hours.

Leaving this room we worked our way onto the ground floor to explore the stock room and existing cellar. Whilst we were in the existing cellar the landlord showed us exactly where he was stood when the key was thrown at him. The rooms felt eerie but nothing unusual happened.

Although the existing cellar was interesting the group was intrigued by the cellar that used to be. The landlord gave us permission to enter the underground cellar. We opened the hatch that led down to the cellar and entered it. The cellar was a small abandoned room which led to another room of the same size.

The derelict feeling that the cellar had was enough to know that the pub had a lot of history. We were then told that they were two tunnels that ran across the back of the room; these tunnels were used by smugglers. The smugglers trafficked a lot of different things when they were in operation, from alcohol to food and even slaves. The group began to explore but nothing unusual happened or was sighted so we decided to carry out a séance.

When the séance was in progress a member of the group picked up thoughts and feelings of a woman and a child as did myself and others. However, no spirits wanted to come forward therefore we ended the séance and returned to the ground floor.

Having returned to the ground floor we all sat in front of the bar and a few members of the group decided to segregate into different rooms.

A group went back into the Games Room where it was revealed that A few coins had been moved from the trigger object which can be seen on CCTV. Shortly after this the 2p that was placed on its side fell over quite a distance from where it was placed, indicating that there was a presence amongst us and the pub.

Meanwhile, a group of investigators where using a glass as a form of deviation to contact any spirits that wanted to come forward. The glass was lightly touched by the landlord, landlady and their son.

Over a period of time the glass began to move when requested and it became apparent that it was the landlord’s mother. They asked her a series of questions such as ‘Do you live here with us’ and did you throw the key? The mother replied no to living with them. However, when the question ‘do you visit us occasionally’ was asked she replied yes. The mother also admitted to throwing the key at the landlord.

A short while later the owners and the group came to the conclusion that the key belonged to an old cupboard that was in the owner’s bedroom. Sure enough the group investigated, the cupboard contained documents belonging to the pub.

Over the group lead a very interesting investigation, they answered a lot of questions for the owners and experienced unexplainable happenings he


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