Adapted news piece within five media platforms

Cliff hanger…

Rimvydas Liorancas, prosecuted for the brutal killing of the loving couple Avatar and Carole Kolar early this January. The bodies of the two were discovered by their son the same day.

But, on the 28th of January the killer had been found dead in his cell, officers at the prison in Milton Keynes reported that he had hung himself and a representative of the Milton Keynes Prison Service said: “HMP Woodhill prisoner Rimvydas Liorancas was found hanging in his cell at 8.52am on Saturday 28 January.” Furthermore he was announced dead at exactly 9.30am.

However, the police are making further enquires into the death of the couple as there is more to discover about the case. When the post-mortem outcome was shown it appeared that the couple had suffered from an injury to the head but further investigation is required.

(newspaper purpose article)

News stories are presented to an audience is many ways. The case that I have chosen to adapt on could also be presented over other mediums and not just print.

For instance, I have chose five different media platforms in which this story can be portrayed.

Radio – If my story was presented on the radio I would firstly read the story in what ever tone of voice fits the story. This story happens to be an upsetting and moving story and therefore should be read in a softer tone. Prior to this I might also have interviews with the family, other news corporations, the prison or general people of the public for discussion purposes to enhance the story.

Television – If my story was presented on the television I would like an anchor to read the story out at a news desk for a degree of formality. The tone of voice would be the same as the radio with possible pictures for the backdrop of the newsroom.

Social media website – As a social media website I would possibly use the two biggest user generated content sites which are – Facebook and Twitter. Personally, I would create links to the online newspaper as a post and update status’ or posts every time something significant happened within the case.

Forum- As Forums are created with the sole purpose of discussion I would post the same things as what I would on social media websites. The purpose of this being that if people have comments or questions to share on separate topics within the case, they can. Much like social media websites.

Newspaper online – Having the news online means that content other than written or pictures can be uploaded such as vodcasts, podcasts and links can be used for more in depth research and and elaborate news case can be developed stronger. I would include all this content and of course the original news piece. The links could be possibly to websites such as social media like Facebook and Twitter, blogs and Youtube.


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