Forums are an interesting online method of answering questions, having general debate and providing information on what topic the forum is discussing in particular.

Forums are generally very informal, The forum that i have researched is in particular. However, it still provides facts but alot of the conversations taken place are very opinionated. For instance this comment was posted – ‘It would not be the first time that someone in the police covers up a crime. Has anyone heard of organized crime? It happens everywhere in the world. Many times all it takes is a call from the culprit to a high official threatening his family. This may very well be the case with Mr Amaral. He is too persistent in attempting to sabotage every move the McCanns make with absolutely no proof at all of their guilt..’

With regards to the treatment of the the case i would say that the forum medium is purely a platform designed for personal opinions. In light of this i would say that a forum is the worst medium to choose in relation to this case as people let the news they are told manipulate their opinions. How do we know if all the information news companys have are published? Many papers are also bias which creates a domino affect on websites such as forums.


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