Researched terms

Crowd sourcing

Crowd-sourcing is a term used to describe a website were the users generate news related content. In which people then take information from on the basis that it is correct and factual. However, a bad side to this would be that obviously people can write what they like which makes it an unreliable source. for example wikipedia, wikinews.

Web 2.0

Web 2.0 is a term to describe websites that allow the consumers to be the prosumers. Through creating your own user generated content through a website, you are interacting with that website and creating your website or webpages house style. Alot of websites are web 2.0 such as Facebook, Myspace, Blogger, WordPress and Wikipedia.

User-generated content

User generated content is content that the audience have created and uploaded to web 2.0. For example Wikipedia, consumers upload their thoughts,theorys and ideas… and therefore the website requires user generated content for the website to achieve its primary idea. Anybody is free to add information whenever they like.


The term Aggregator refers to a website that uses one specific topic, although this is not news. Example – The Flickr website is an aggregate because it deals with photographs that are uploaded by the users of the website who generate the content.

Backpack Journalism

Backpack journalism is new to the digital world. Basically a journalist thats uses digital resources to publish their content such as blogs. They are essentially mobile freelance journalism that often seel their work to copmpanies or publish it as their own.


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