History of Business cards

Business cards are generally pieces of card that are put into the back or your wallet/purse, Primarily because they look boring. I aim to create a business card that is both eye catching and informative.

17th century – Buisness cards began in the 17th century. They were used to inform people of the arrival of important people.  The business cards used were all a generic size (pocket sized.) They were engraved with gold, The cards were owned by anyone who was middle class or higher.


18th and 19th century – A product called a ‘social card’ was introduced.They were taken from women when they went to visit people. The dish of cards would then be handed to the head of the household to see exactley who was at their house and also to make an impression of a person by judging the look of their business card. Which is kind of like today.


Wanting to be a professional journalist I decided that I would need a business card that shows this. I am particularly interesting in court journalism therefore I created a business card that had court terminology on the front. I got the idea from this image and used different font sizes using Times New Roman throughout.

The Fire aspect of my first draft was to connote the pollution and corruption of what happens within current affairs that the media publish.


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